It’s all about safety culture

Just because nobody complains, does not mean all parachutes are perfect. Maritime industry is going through something that resembles this statement. Nobody is complaining and not everything is perfect.

There are number of issues that need to be addressed. And if there was one topic that could embrace all such issues, it would be “Safety Culture”. If the number of accidents is our criteria for measuring safety levels then we are missing out on something that is absolutely necessary. It’s time we start measuring safety culture instead.

About Capt. Rajeev Jassal

Capt. Rajeev Jassal

Capt. Rajeev Jassal

Capt. Rajeev Jassal has sailed for over 20 years mainly on crude oil, product, and chemical tankers. He holds MBA in shipping & logistics degree from London. He has done extensive research on quantitavely measuring Safety culture on board and safety climate ashore which he believes is the most important element for safer shipping.

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